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Maybe I'm missing something, me Bishop plays a solid, economical, sound positional, get-down-and-stay-down butterfly, and goes post-to-post as well as anyone...and despite excellent TECHNICAL skills with the stick (ability to make the puck do a certain thing when he wants) still makes me cringe when he starts handling the puck too much, gets caught way out of his net, appears wholly uncertain WHAT HE WANTS to do with the puck till the last nanosecond, and then it's often enough too late to make the correct choice. His issue regarding puckhandling appears to be judgment; when he knows in advance he wants a breakout pass to hit a certain guy at a certain moment, man, he's tape-to-tape. From all this it's hard to see what the relationship to Franz Jean's coaching is. Lindback, on the other hand, appears more calm than he used to be, less jittery, less uncertain of which unexpected athletic move he wants to try at a given moment. Our first legit #1 was successful by mostly playing the averages and remaining calm, staying big and not getting too crazy in there. I'll take a technically sound robot over a wildly athletic Hasek wannabe any day

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