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Originally Posted by Flycoon View Post
In the last 10 seasons, only 4 teams made the playoffs that were 5 or more points out of eighth place on December 20.
:: positive spin mode ::

Yulp. And before the fourth one did it, there were only three. Before the third one did it, there were only two. And before the second one did it, there was only one. That first club was just a bunch of polyanna dimwits with the rose-colored glasses blinding them from the Truth. Logically they should've given up any playoff hopes, but somebody dropped the ball and forgot to tell these teams about the "reality" that they couldn't do it. Tsk tsk.

All 62 teams in the past ten years that have been in our position or worse on Dec. 20 had a GM at the time.

And, *ahem* most importantly, none of them was SFY.
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