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Originally Posted by Top Shelf View Post
Cool, at first glance I thought it might have been Ovchokin in his new blue russky uniform, which if I'm not mistaken I thought I saw him wearing #20 ??

"If our salaries get slashed, I'll have to think about whether to return to NHL," he said, according to a translation by Slava Malamud of Sport-Express. :yay:

BTW his insurance cost is said to be 100k/mo. while Crosby's is a concussion-inducing 400k/mo.
Even if the salaries get slashed, he'll have to return to the NHL once play resumes. Otherwise, he risks getting, dare I say it, locked out from the Sochi Olympics by the IIHF.

Unfortunately for us, he'll be back. I say for us because he's indirectly done a LOT for the hockey community in the DC area.

He's wearing #32, btw, same number he wore when he last played for them. Damn, I know way too much about this guy.
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