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Originally Posted by Hoek View Post
Maybe the promises helped but technically it doesn't matter what he promises since whoever is President in 2026 could easily reneg.

I thought the preemptive blaming was as questionable as this credit.

In the end all FIFA cares about is the money and this was a no brainer. The only reason we didn't get it before is because Qatar bribed the shit out of everybody, something Morocco obviously couldn't afford.
Stepping past the political histrionics... none of which were at any point being discussed here and are clearly an attempt at thread-jacking.

Remember, the FBI dropped the hammer on FIFA. FIFA couldn't afford to keep ignoring the US in favor of bribe money because the federal government is hunting them.

I confess I haven't read up on the mechanics of the joint bid... who automatically qualifies for the tournament? All three countries, or just the United States because the US is hosting 80% of the matches? It'd be cool if Canada got an automatic bid. Their program needs it.

Watching the US/Bolivia match the other day and seeing them steal that 1-1 result against France, I'm actually feeling a little optimistic about the future of the American program again. If I were the GM, I'd probably tap Columbus' coach, Gregg Berhalter. The style he coaches seems to me to be almost South American, in a way (which I like, because I think it's an entertaining as hell style), but he's ex-US National Team and has the first hand knowledge of the program's past.
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