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Originally Posted by pete View Post
This is probably a stupid overreaction to two meaningless games, the latter of which was pretty much the Syracuse Crunch's roster, but we have to remain on guard against the kind of feckless sleepwalking we saw two seasons ago.
My concern is two fold. The PK is still abysmal in both games. No change in philosophy of how to play a 'system' for better results. Still the passive four in a box mentality which against good teams leads to putrid results. I understand it's only the pre-season - however this was a primary focus and reason for the change of coaches.
The "D" is still play in front of the offensive players on the other team allowing them to front the goalie and create havoc in the crease. Again I was hoping to see a change in the "D" scheme / style but that was not on display.

More of the same.

We were 0 for on the PP and that is a direct reflection of the Canes pressing allowing no room in the zone. Not the passive style we are using. We are still that perimeter - Stammer at the dot and Kuch on the other side. We need bodies at the net and driving the net for production to be solid against teams of this nature.

" Feckless Sleepwalking perfect analogy Kind of what we saw from the almost full starting lineup in the first preseason game.

Yes, It's only preseason but unless they change the style and/or scheme of the PK and defensive methods our results will be limited when the real season starts and another year of our window will be swept out into the bay with the red tide.

Both Boston and Toronto are knocking on the door. Toronto picks up a "d" player and voila they look to be better than we are. Boston if the rooks take a step forward combined with their "D" they could leap over us quickly. The clock is ticking for this squad.

Hoping for change but nothing showing so far.
The journey starts
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