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Originally Posted by pete View Post
This is probably a stupid overreaction to two meaningless games, the latter of which was pretty much the Syracuse Crunch's roster, but we have to remain on guard against the kind of feckless sleepwalking we saw two seasons ago.
With the benefit of that hindsight, I would be surprised if
1) Stamkos, Hedman, Kucherov, Callahan, Palat, etc let that happen within the room
2) Cooper doesn't bench the culprits
3) JBB doesn't change personnel the lineup if for whatever reason the complacency comes back.

These guys have to be acutely aware that this is the last hurrah for this group, which up till now, has underperformed their talent level. Coburn, Girardi, hell, Stralman all have a real good chance of not being here next season.

The good news, is the forwards most likely to coast (lookin at you Killorn and Johnson), have younger replacements coming up. That wasn't the case a few years ago. It's a real possibility that we have too many forwards for openings, which should shorten the leash considerably for guys that have a predilection for trading on their almost accomplishments.
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