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I've read Murray, Reinhart, Ceci and now Maata are the most NHL-ready. That's the nature of scouting, I guess; everyone has a different opinion. I've seen them all play on the tele, fortunately, and IMO, Murray and Reinhart are in that category. Ceci would be okay if checking weren't allowed. Insert Freaddy here saying we're already there (not that I necessarily disagree here). Maata's got a while. And I think Yzerman learned a lot from Connolly this year about greenhorns in the NHL.

No way Maata goes anywhere but back to London next year. I think he's a good prospect. But you don't take "good" at 10. 19 would be okay.

Let me ask you this rhetorical question: How high would Lindbolm be ranked if he came over in the import draft last year and played for say, Kitchener, this season?

This is how NHL staffs will judge him. The rankings makers don't have the advantage of seeing the Euros, so they tend to rate the NA's higher. Maybe that's due to lack of views, the threat of Euros eventually heading back overseas, or both.

I think there are some great options for 10 and there will be 1-2 of Murray's top-15 at 19, too. I want a sexy pick at 10, though. Maata doesn't fit it as much as others. He could grow into that, though. He was in the playoffs. MemCup appearance kind of destroyed some of that, though.
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