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Brown - Crombeen

They square off in the corner, and both latch on for position. BJ opens with rights and Brown answers with lefts. Brown pins Crombeen against the boards as they continue to wrestle. The ref comes in and asks if they're done, and Brown sneaks in a late punch. Brown seemed to say something to the refs about coming in too early and then said something to Crombeen, to which he replied "I'm alright".

Edge Crombeen for landing better during their short exchange.

Brown seemed to be weaker without the 'stache.

Kadri - Hedman

Kadri starts off with a crosscheck on Hedman, Hedman hits Kadri with a right and he goes to a knee. Everyone on the ice is in the scrum with Kadri-Hedman in the middle. Kadri suckers a left over another Leaf who's holding on to Hedman. Hedman fires another right back, and they have a small exchange, Hedman with rights, Kadri with lefts. They move back into the group of players mulling around and fall too the ice.


Fraser - Aulie

Another corner square off. Fraser starts throwing rights, 3 of which land, one to the body, Aulie answers with a right of his own. Fraser throws another body shot and then goes for Aulie's helmet. Aulie throws 3-4 rights while Fraser is after the helmet, 2-3 of which land. Fraser finally gets the helmet off and lands 2 big lefts, down goes Aulie.

Win Fraser.

It's a shame, there was no way Crombeen was going to go with Orr, even to defend Lecavalier.
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