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My wild ass guess.

Point is looking for 5 years at $8.5 million a year. That way he can become a UFA in 5 years. He would probably also take a 4 year deal. Years 1-3 at $7 million and year 4 at $12 million. That would be a cap hit of $8.25. The Lightning would be forced to give a qualifying offer of $12 million for 1 year contract in year 5 and he would become a free agent or they would have negotiate a new long term deal with a gun held to their head.

My guess is that Lightning are not going to give a 4 year deal with a large final year, or a 5 year deal. Instead they are offering 3 years at $6.5 million. They need a bridge deal at a lower cap hit to sign the 3 big RFAs next year. They might do 8 years at 9, but Point doesn’t want to commit to $9 a year in years 6-8 when they think the new TV deal is going to substantially increase the cap after 2021.

That’s why they are nowhere close to a deal. It’s money, but it’s more term.
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