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Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
No interest in either of them now that they aren't affiliated with the Lightning.

I don't know if marketing was in charge of promotional items but they have gone to crap in the last few years. I remember when I started as an STM there were nice promotional giveaways at games (sometimes even bobble heads), especially in the playoffs. Now you are a lucky if you get a rally towel the size of a handkerchief or some cheap blow up thundersticks that break after using them for 5 minutes.
Giveaways are pretty much all junk that no one really wants or needs. I'm glad they basically did away with all of them (though I do have one of every old bobblehead). They were nothing but a hassle with STMs insisting theirs be bigger, better & first. Don't miss them.

It'll be weird to have someone new calling our games. I'll miss Rick & his golf whispers. Man, first no Chief, now no Rick. Again, it'll just be weird.
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