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Originally Posted by WaiverWire View Post
oh please. Look at what these posters are posting. The GOP is racist. They are not educated. They are non college white men.

Not one will tell the truth. Not one will post that the left have people that are racist. Not one will post that the left have people that are not educated and not one will post that they have none college white males in their ranks.

All they post is knocking one side of the spectrum......the right. Instead of trying to find common ground they just sit back and blast away.

Makes one to do the exact opposite of what most here will do...…….vote straight republican. At least I can admit that I will and have looked at every candidate and their qualifications and then vote for the best person no matter what the party affiliation is. Not many here can say that which says aa lot about who they are.
Get down off your cross, WW, we need the wood for the fire.

Seriously, for a guy who will find almost any reason to carry water for people saying either blatantly or thinly veiled racist language, you sure seem to get all twisted up when people call you on it.

If calling Trump and his ilk racists will get people you identify with to vote a straight Republican ticket, well, guess what muchacho, those people are either a) racists themselves, or b) so triggered by the libs that they will easily vote for a wanna be tinpot dictator and his enablers. Either outcome should submit them to pointed criticism and derision by their fellow citizens who retain the ability to discern right from wrong.

People are telling the truth. They are telling the truth to you. But when the truth goes against your predetermined narrative, you move goal posts, clutch your pearls and whine. This does not reflect well on your ability to approach life with an open mind, which is something you allude to constantly on this site (as well as your latest, quoted above), while providing no evidence in any debate you've ever had on this board which would indicate that you actually have one.

Yeah, you are correct, the left has racists. The difference is that the most powerful people on the Democratic side of the aisle don't foster, support, or foment it. They haven't run a racist for President since the Jim Crow era. And before you even crank up your whine, Black Lives Matter is not a racist organization. From everything I've experienced, organizations and policies that the Right calls racist (BLM, Affirmative Action, etc) are trying to correct prior systemic inequities by giving certain races an ability to overcome those same systemic inequities. That doesn't mean they are anti-white. My guess is that is what you are referring to, but with unlinked blanket statements, I'm left to conjecture.

Originally Posted by Donnie D View Post
WW - that’s about as goofy as anything you have ever posted.

Donald Trump is a fucking racist. He was charged by HUD engaging in racial discrimination. He was fined by the state of New Jersey for discrimination. He has pandered to racists throughout his campaign. When talking about Nazis, he said there were good people on both sides. Now, perhaps there is a tape.

The GOP selected an open racist to be the leader of their party.

There is no common ground with racism. It needs to be exposed and crushed and I have no desire to sit down and try and find common ground with a white supremacist as you suggest.
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