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Too much is being made over the picks.

New Jersey gave up a #28 and #58 or thereabouts and got back a #40. And I'll bet Lou does more with the #40 than Atlanta does with both of those picks.

Pete is right. They are trying to win another cup before Marty retires. When he goes, Lou may retire with him. They have always relied on the goalie and their system to win. They don't have any game breakers because of where they have drafted and when Marty does go they are going to be facing a number of years to rebuild. For them it's win now and neither one of these pieces are going to be the building blocks of the franchise in the future.

Whether it works or not, time will tell. But this gives Jersey a real shot at beating Washington - and it kept him away from everyone else.

And I think he gets more than $10 million next year in the KHL.
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