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So, with the allegations from the US Intelligence Community and the Mueller Investigation, it appears that our elections have been tampered with by a foreign adversary.

This should surprise no one. We do it all the time to other countries, including Russia in the 90s. Boris Yeltsin owes his presidency to the United States Intelligence Community.

What should anger everyone isn't that the Russians did this. What should anger everyone is that we allowed it to happen because of our homegrown voter suppression efforts and lackadaisical manner with which we regard vote security. I invite all of you to google the term "the red shift voting" and read up on it.

If your state uses ES&S voting machines(many do), get that fixed quick. Voting machines should never be remotely accessible. If the machines require networking, the network should be independent of the internet and access to the machines while they're networked should be monitored 24/7 by video surveillance.
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