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Originally Posted by pete View Post
Because what works in two minority-majority districts in Queens and Bronx, New York City will TOTALLY work in Scranton, PA and Toledo, OH. There’s no distinction between the electorates in those places, AT ALL.
This bit reads like every single pundit in the mainstream media(Joy Reid etc).

Ocasio-Cortez won across all demographics in her primary. Whites, Asians, Hispanics. She won a primary she wasn't registered to run in by fucking write-in votes. I'm sure that was mainly because she's a pretty latina though...

Joy Reid's interview with her was sad because of the exact framing you just gave her victory. She immediately frames everything as identity-based. You do the same.

I'd agree with you entirely if this were 2007. A frazzled-looking Jewish grandpa from Vermont with a thick as fuck Brooklyn accent changed the rules far more than you or the establishment want to believe.

I'd add Kaniela Ing as another up and coming Social Dem. There are many others though. As Ocasio-Cortez said, she's one of 60 who are running for office.
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