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Originally Posted by ZeykShade View Post
The Counter to the Counter-Argument is: They already have skin in the game as they're not separated by a large ocean from Russia. They also house a boatload of US Troops and support our War on Terrorism in the M.E..
One would think not having a pair of oceans insulating them from Russia would be enough of an enticement for them to ante up in their own defense. Particularly after the proxy wars in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Wasn't there hand wringing about admitting the Ukraine into the EU, because then something would have to be done about Russia's invasion of Crimea? Perhaps other NATO members didn't feel the need to ante up so long as the U.S. was picking up the slack?

Further, the deployment of US troops within Europe kind of works against your argument, in that it is partly a driver of the imbalance in NATO spending. It also helps to drive the problems behind your overarching criticism of the military industrial complex that you have expressed (rightly) in a myriad of other posts.

I think other NATO countries are upping their contributions out of the fear that Trump may just leave them twisting in the wind. Maybe Trump's cozying up to Putin and hammering our allies in NATO is part of a ploy to simultaneously scale back our military commitments to NATO, while encouraging, albeit in a typically assholish ham-fisted way, our allies to increase their own commitments. Then again, maybe I'm giving him too much credit and xenophobia is driving this decision. Who knows with dear leader.

Ultimately, I agree with your paraphrasing of The Dude: Trump's not wrong, he's just an asshole.
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