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Originally Posted by Bolthed View Post
Relax, people. These moves had to happen. We've all been waiting for weeks to log onto BP and see this thread title. So lets read between the lines: the assistants are coaching the rest of the season because it is NOT saveable. We will be in full tank mode and the objective is Seth Jones. As for this Ruff stuff, don't underestimate how often team officials use the media. Could simply be that Yzerman is using Ruff to keep Cooper's contract as inexpensive as possible. Then again, maybe YZ wants a new approach. No one would deny that we need a new dedication to defense.
No one would.

But that is part of Coopers system, brilliant offense (Crunch even with all the ups and downs lead the AHL in G/G).

And stifling defense (they have the 10th lowest GA/G).

I don't think this team with the personnel they have should ever play an overwhelmingly defensive style of play. But something like that, where you get great offense and respectable defense, would be one worlds better and two hopefully achievable.
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