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Default It's Not Fun, But Probably Necessary

It's not fun seeing the team you support emotionally and financially struggling. But every team in professional sports must occasionally retool its lineup. Players get older, slower and less effective. New blood must be brought in.

Now retooling comes in stages. First stage is to assess whether you think you are going to make the playoffs. The Bolts have to win the division and playing in the Southeast makes that a real possibility. But assume you want to stand pat with your current lineup, how far do you think they will go in the playoffs? That is not a rosy picture.

If you don't think you will make the playoffs or won't last long, then you have to look at your UFA's to see if you think if you want to resign or can afford to resign them, that's the issue with Boyle now. If the answer to either of those queries is no, then you try to trade them at the deadline rather than lose them for nothing on July 1 for picks and prospects to retool with.

The draft is next. Using those acquired picks along with your own to select players who in 2 to 3 years can contribute to the big club.

July 1, identify and go after the free agents you think will make improvements to the club. The goalie position comes to mind. But you also will have those free agents gone either by trade or not resigning them to free up cash to obtain these guys.

So the point I'm making is that trade deadline deals are necessary as part of the retooling process. If the intent is to stand pat with the team you have now, you need to ask yourself this question, would I want to go into next season with the entire same lineup? IMO the answer is no. And if you agree it is no, then the retooling must start on or about February 26.
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