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Originally Posted by dannybolt View Post
I had a friend recommend Naruto, but the volume of story was so daunting. Do you have to start at the beginning, or are there re-boots/jumping on points like in American superhero serials?

Alright, gotta get back to work...
Shippuden starts like 3 years after the original series. There's some flashbacks to help put current events in context from time to time but it jumps right into some serious business set up by the end of the first arc, so I recommend starting from the beginning (it's really an excellent series on its own even if you get tired and don't feel like tackling Shippuden right after). The good news is almost half of the episodes in both series are complete filler that you can skip - really, a lot of it's just nonsense. Here's a website that helps break down what is canon and what isn't:

Also if you don't mind or even prefer reading, you could just pick up the manga for Part I and it might be faster that way, and then you can go into Shippuden. Or vice versa I suppose!

It's a lot and sometimes I had to take a break even while keeping up with it, but for me at least, the payoff was worth it. I was choking back a lot of emotions by the end because of all the stuff leading up to it. I think it does a great job of balancing character development, death, etc. without going to one well too many times, keeping in mind it's still about ninjas with super powers of course!

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