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Originally Posted by Avery86 View Post
If time stood still and we never moved forward into the future, sure. But the cost of broadcasting a game is cheaper than ever. Hell, you could watch a game from your PHONE now. Technology changes every day. I have no idea how selectively not broadcasting some games would get anyone to go to the games when they could turn to virtually any other sport or team and get all the content they could possibly want.

Now it's more the norm for NHL teams to show all games, only a few teams in non-traditional markets don't do this.
Originally Posted by ChaseSpace View Post
Wasn't Sun going to stream all games(that are available in your area, like I don't get Heat or Panther games) online for free? Or did that fall apart?
I remember they were going to do an online stream during one preseason game, it fell apart and never heard anything again.
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