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Originally Posted by pete View Post
It's not a pressing need because you just drafted Victor Hedman. We could use a righty shot offensive defenseman, and if that guy is BPA where we pick I'm sure they'll take him, but it's not that pressing, IMO.

The absence of a stud centreman prospect hamstrings the Lightning because even if they wanted to move Lecavalier they can't do it without tearing a hole in the team because no team that acquires Lecavalier is likely to swap a good center in return.
Maybe true but I think Vinny is staying put for a while. He's playing well and I think as his shoulder and wrist get stronger, he'll get better. If (let's pray it doesn't happen) we somehow end up a lottery team again this year and have a chance to land Seguin or Hall I'm not going to say don't take one or the other. You win either way. I just think if we end up at 3 somehow and Seguin and Hall are gone and we're left to choose between Cam Fowler and Riley Sheahan, I think you take Fowler before you take the center. Let's hope we don't have that problem. I guess I'm just looking at it like this:

If you do someday decide to trade Lecavalier, you're almost better off tanking that season to have a great shot at picking whoever is the top center available to slot behind Stamkos. If not, you can stick with the two fantastic centers we already have for 5 more years and just keep supplying talent on their wings until you find consistent fits. Hopefully they're young players and we pretty much just put in small plugs and ride the combo to a cup or three. Good times.
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