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I'm catching tons of crap from family and friends in all corners of the country. This stigma will be here until they win the cup IMO.

I'm not jumping off the Lightning bandwagon, but its tougher now and most likely for some time to have the sense of pride we had and with the belief in where we could go.

The wife and I are invested considerably in the team as we are half season ticket holders. I have spent thousands on Lightning related gear and even have personalized plates on my car touting my Love for the Organization...

Someone said it's too soon to start talking about the changes needed...maybe, but I do know that change is definitely coming and I also hope it signals some change with respect to coaching philosophy.

Cooper has been able to have a certain smugness about his decisions because they were winning, sometimes when playing less then stellar hockey. We were getting away with sloppy play and bone headed decisions and mostly came out on the right side. But moving forward, he will have to change some of his ways or he may not make it past next season...

I certainly dont have all the answers. But top to bottom there has to be a shakeup in philosophy and we need players that can adapt to the second season and play the style that is needed come playoff time. I agree its crap to have such varied rule enforcement in the playoffs, but until that changes, we have to change.

Last thought. Does SFY get any blame? He basically built this team and his finger prints are all over the guys we have here and in the minors. We have many young players that are cut from same mold...the smaller skilled type guys. I fear that Yzermans philosophy of the type of players he covets is deep within our franchise. Maybe we are structured too heavily on those types of players....just a thought.
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