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Originally Posted by BurnTHalO View Post
That was the stupidest thing I ever heard. He also said gourde was a spot picker, further showcasing the idiot knows nothing about tampa. Oh, AMD of course stating vasi intentionally threw his stick into mcdonaugh for some weird reason.

I have no idea how killorn had more ice time than multiple players that game, and the refs sure tried to help the caps. But I'm encouraged that this team is not packing it up now that they have nothing to play for. It's a good sign.
6-2 in the last eight this team goes down as the BEST TEAM EVER with 63 wins. Never accomplished before and with the Cap restrictions in place unreal.

Will not be easy but next step is tonight against the Canes. They are a fast team and we might be a tad exhausted tonight. Hedman with 29ish and McD 25ish were the two with high Ice Time minutes tonight. Everyone else was 20 and under that's good. Sure wish they'd make better use of the speed of Joseph just over 7 minutes tonight. He just makes good plays out on the ice and is not afraid of playing in the corners see the Cirelli goal.

Might we see Martel in tonight to add some speed to the lineup?
Louis on the scooter in net tonight!!
Hattie from TJ and a 3 pack of assist from Kuch.
The journey starts

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