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But that's EXACTLY who his next team will be getting - the lost Vinny, who can't put up the goods in any other situation and gets dealt back to Tampa in about 1.5 seasons. It's bound to happen (if he's not too old and slow by then). If Prospal had any idea what was best for him, he'd accept a reasonable contract to stay on "the best line in hockey."

Prospal is clearly THE No.1 example Feaster is referring to when he says he's pondering trades for UFAs so that the team doesn't get left with nothing in return. Vinny P, my boy ... much as I love him, is as good as gone. There is just no scenario - with the way he is playing, his agent and the seller's market - for him to remain with the Lightning beyond the deadline. Let's just hope it's not a Feaster Fleecing.
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