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Originally Posted by ChaseSpace View Post

New ending for ME3 on the way via DLC. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I'm happy because it should(hopefully) clear up any confusions left from the original but on the other hand this says either "we shipped an unfinished game", "we planned this in order to make more money", or "we aren't confident enough in our game as it is to stand on it's own".
They promised to address fan concerns, I'm still sticking with the theory of what the ending was about until they come out and debunk it themselves. They knew the ending was weird, but didn't expect to have to address the future of the franchise until a later date....when the DLC was done or a sequel was ready for announcement.

The absolute mayhem brought about by this ending is pretty freaking sad. As a horrible amateur writer myself, I would be horrified if someone read my story and asked me to change the ending. No. It is MY story, it happens the way I want it.
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