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Originally Posted by Donnie D View Post
The issue with OV, in the past, and it happened again last night, is that he turns into a 1 man team. He is so damn talented, has such a drive to win that he takes it all on his shoulders. Heís incredibly talented when he plays a team game, but he either doesnít trust his teammates or he gets so frustrated that he tries to do it all himself. And when that happens, the team becomes totally ineffective.

Last series against the Lightning, in the elimination game heíd get the puck the entire 3rd period and go charging down the ice trying to skate through and around the entire team. He tried to go through 3 players last night - and the puck was easily taken off his stick. He started cherry picking, breaking before the team got control. You may remember the play where he was 1 on 1 with Stralman. He refused to give up the puck and he was taken to the outside until help arrived. He scored when he wasnít hogging the puck.

I know most of you arenít basketball fans, but he reminds me of the early Jordan. Until Michael became part of a team game under Jackson, the Bulls didnít win.

Thatís what I thought Trotz might be able to do with OV. It works until he gets frustrated, but then he reverts back to the old OV.
You would think Trotz would do something about it though. In the last 4:58 last night, OV played 4:28 of it. Trotz is either encouraging it to an extent or just doesn't care when he starts playing like that.
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