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Default Tampa tried to sign Lang

Q: Robert Lang and hockey. Will it ever go together again?
A: I guess not. Unless somebody calls me before the playoffs and gives me an offer that would be worth playing. An offer that would make sense. Then I’d think about it. I’m in a shape; I still exercise, I stay fit. That’s not a problem. But I am 40 years old, I have two smart boys at home, and I simply have no reason to jump after the first bid that comes along.

Q: How many offers for this season have you rejected so far?
A: Well, there were some. Before the season, around Christmas… But when I counted the pros and cons, I figured out it wasn’t worth it. I have kids in schools, I want to take care of them, and now because of a single season, was I supposed to move from the west to the east? At any price? Why? I am not thirty so I really don’t need to yank my kids out of their favorite environment and look for the schools at the completely different side of the continent. I considered all those things and I found out that there was no reason to take it. Yeah, if somebody called from a closer distance and offered me a reasonable role on the ice, I’d go for it.

Q: I know that Toronto was seriously interested in you; who were the other candidates?
A: Toronto was there, that’s right. So was Tampa. That time, I was actually with Petr Svoboda [the agent] in Montreal. Lightning called him and he was like “get your skates ready.” They were calling twice per day. But then everything went back to sleep. I’ll tell you what it is. They all expect that you’d play basically for free. That when you are 40, you’d be thankful for any offer. And so I told Petr: not under those circumstances. Sure, money is not a priority, but at the same time, [the offer] has to make sense financially. After all, I won’t be moving my family, rent a house, just to find at the end of the season that I am $200,000 in a loss. That’s not possible, right? In that case, I’d rather play in the local beer league or be on a golf course and it all will be cheaper. {He laughs}
Translated from an article dated 20th Feb

Thought this was interesting, not only because Tampa tried to sign him, but the full translation is a good read for a number of topics.
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