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From BP:


Fadden is a top notch skater with good high end speed and can beat opposing defenders around the corner. Fadden is primarily known, however, for his outstanding finishing ability and silky soft hands around the net. His creativity and passing skills are also outstanding and he is very adept at setting up teammates on the power play. Red Line Report compared Fadden to NHLer Chris Higgins prior to the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, and Ray Whitney prior to the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.


Fadden learned a hard lesson about work ethic during his draft year when a poor attitude led to him being passed over completely in the draft. He'll have to continue to mature and work even harder to make it as a pro, starting with working hard in the weight room to bulk up his slight frame and in the defensive third of the rink on his backchecking.


Fadden has the pure upside to be a scoring liner in the NHL. If he continues to work hard he could be a 20-30 goal scorer at hockey's next level. In the end, his biggest and only road block may be himself.

This year he elevated his offensive game again and was a scoring threat shorthanded because of his speed. His defense needs work. Stays to the outside a fair bit still. Fantastic vision and passing is DESPERATELY needed on the farm and he has a great shot to go with it. The question is his character. Is he a lockerroom disease as the rumors persist he is? Is he the opposite of a leader and just a passenger (and is being a leader a necessity rather than a bonus?)

You can teach defense and Rumble can take care of the mental issues. You can't teach his offensive abilities and if he can get his mind right, he can be - as was said - a 20-30 goal scorer with a strong set-up game to boot. He could top out in the 70+ point range if things go right.

If he had Stamkos' or Tyrell's character... I'd venture to say he would just need some weight and he'd be a highly prioritized prospect. As is, he's one with a questionmark attached to him still.
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