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Originally Posted by Top Shelf View Post
No doubt, society rewards single-minded obsession and narrow focus on one certain thing or another, which other people can't generate. Even if we have disagreed in the past about some things I'd still suggest going right to KF43 with any fight-related topic, since he has collected more data about that than most other people. I'd also suggest that even that doesn't make a person infallible, so questioning authority is not only still safe (currently, anyway) but necessary and knowledge is absolute
Single minded obsession? Not quite, I just stand up for a part of hockey that some think doesn't have a place or don't understand the particulars about.

As for being infallible, I have no problem debating fights and fighters, and being wrong about them, but there has to be a real argument, a marine biologist isn't going to take an astronomer's argument seriously, just because of their disillusioned point of view. You have to bring something that makes sense in the context, and how it's used.

This one could be famous one day. Relatives of this or that famous person have often remarked that the guy had only one thing on his mind since childhood. Gretzky has mentioned that when the other teens were abuzz about dating and the prom, he had no time for girls--none. Espo stared right into the camera with dead seriousness and said hockey unquestionably came before his wife and family, always. Alex Van Halen has revealed that he would say goodbye to Eddie and leave the house at 7 pm on Saturday nights to go party with the chicks, and when he'd return at 2 or 3 am, his brother would still be sitting in the exact same position, on the exact same spot on the bed, still playing guitar. And that was night after night, weekend after weekend. Guess it's only crazy if it keeps you broke or brings too many other negative consequences

Here's an idea J. Each season, why not write the new definitive book on Fights and Fighters (hey, there's yer title), and monetize your obsession now and into the future? I'll help with the editing, for a nominal fee...
If only I didn't think it would fall on mostly def ears....or patronizing sarcastic ones. You won't have to worry about it again.
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