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Originally Posted by KyleFreadrich43 View Post
Hedman didn't use the plethora of options at his disposal either. He was simply a co-pilot on that skate.
No one can deny any of that; it's just that it's immaterial. Hedman or no, Garon still has the responsibility to TRY to stop a guy marching directly through his crease, from a terrible angle, on his move that Garon has seen 100 times. Nash's skates, stick and puck were all within easy reach. As the literal last line of defense, this goal unquestionably is still Garon's fault, one that gets stopped 99 times out of 100 by him or any other pro netminder, and I'm sure he would totally admit it was on him...while not blaming Hedman, even quietly to himself. We and the coaches get to do that part, loudly and with vigor
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