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Originally Posted by Avery86 View Post
I'm cackling, essentially.
That's hysterical, essentially.

Originally Posted by NoSpin View Post
If Boucher needed any kind of excuse to rip his team a new one in practice, he has it now. Don't care if you are winning by 1 or 21, you don't stop playing.
Outstanding point. Huge wins in the first game of a back-to-back are a thorny coaching issue. Boucher's job will be a tricky tightrope walk between congratulating the good things and building on their confidence from the Jets game vs. tearing it down to basics for the Ranger game. Really, any time you let in three goals in the third, you are not taking care of business,...and if they continue that vs. Johnny T's team, they're in for a really long night...(and so are we) ::fingers crossed::
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