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Originally Posted by Top Shelf View Post
Right on. I thought of this option yesterday, what do you guys think:

Change the rule like this: "Instigating is defined as being the initiator of an altercation while wearing a face shield. There is no provision for a minor penalty for instigating. When a major penalty is called under this rule, the referee at his discretion may also assess a misconduct or game misconduct."

The reasoning I used was that (a) the current instigator penalty is a stupid joke which hurts the game, is despised by players, coaches and fans alike, diminishes respect among players for each other, and prevents players from policing themselves properly; and (b) if a guy starts a fight while wearing the shield, it essentially amounts to a lesser form of "intent to injure" (so, not a match penalty): you're goading the guy to punch you but he can't do it without the real risk of seriously injuring his hand on your shield. It's unsportsmanlike conduct taken to a new level by your being a chickenshit pussy. So you can do it, but your team will skate a man down for a full five, and your coach will berate you harshly. That might kill two birds at once: get rid of the dopey instigator penalty in its current form, and eliminate the practice of daring a guy to fight while hiding behind a shield, something players of a generation ago would have been embarrassed beyond belief to even think of doing

what think?
I'd agree with it. But I doubt any of the policy making officials would.
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