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Default I would wait on Dana T to prove

he is gonna be back by the time camp starts... Really pushing for a truly optimal recovery in that time frame. I think he will be outplayed early until he gets the legs and lungs back which begs the question of earning your spot by meritocracy, potential or what. Each game in October carries the same weight as each game in April and I just don't think Dana can be back to his best til at least December and more like February. Yes, he will be functional but not fully recovered and do we have the luxury of letting him play his way into shape? We did with Vinny L, but the roster is crowded with lots of talent equal to Dana and we need to show something to prospects that confirms you can reach the NHL thru the farm system.

I think we save wiggle room under the cap or designated cap number for Tampa and let the other rosters around the league shake out before we procure any more talent. Will there then be a better fit, more economical acquisition available? probably. Ryan types are exceptions to that thought.
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