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Originally Posted by pete View Post
The problem is Tyler Johnson's probably your best option at center from within the system right now. I don't share the concerns about Killorn's skating, but I do think he's better suited to play wing in the pro given the north-south style he plays, and Namestnikov is still a year or two away. Mind you, Johnson's got Ferrari caliber speed, but he weighs like 5 pounds.
I do respect the speed that Johnson brings to the party however, I think if you are looking for the 3rd/4th line types Killorn is a much better fit. You want someone IMHO who can do a little banging in the corners and give you some grit nothing fancy North/South movement and dependable defensively he fits that mold perfectly. TJ-Brown and Tyler Johnson both will bring speed but lack the grinding grit that you would need from them to wear the other teams down.

My dream 3rd line - Palat, Killorn and Panik. Sufficient speed, size, scoring and defensive want too to really wear down the other teams. Think of the Devils, LA, Rags and others who use the third line for setting the tone during a game. This young group of kids would sure do that.

Note that Connolly is not the one leaving camp this year. He has been under the tutelage of one Mr. Stamkos and Roberts and I do expect him to be much improved come camp time. That would be both on the physical and mental side of what it take's to succeed in the NHL.

Lot's to like with the direction of the team with several players looking like they are on the cusp of a good year.

There is still a rumor that Ryan from the Ducks could be in the wind for the Bolts have you heard anything from your contacts?

Go Bolts
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