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I agree with just about everything that is being tossed about here. I like J.T. Brown. He shoots the damn puck. I think our top six looks good, our 8 dmen are set and we still need offense from our third line. I would hate to go into this season without a replacement for Dominic Moore. He did a lot of little things right (leadership, defense, getting under opponents' skin) AND could pop 35-40 points. What other centers are available?

Just please, please don't be suckered by Gilbert "Creme" Brule! He shows up once every three years to fool GMs into thinking he belongs in the NHL. He's a classic tweener who has never proven he can produce in a third-line role and isn't consistent enough in ANY role. I'd rather the Bolts address third-line center from within and sign a big, productive, tough power forward like Jeff Fehr than waste our time with Brule.

I also like the idea of one of the AHL kids giving Connolly a run for a roster spot. I'm just not sold on Connolly (still smarting over Jeff Skinner) and would like to see him pushed.
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