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Originally Posted by Donnie D View Post
Isn't he an RFA at the end of the year? He would be no different than Tic or any of the other RFAs that are playing in Syracuse - you still would have his rights. If you can send Connolly down, why not Brown?
He's RFA. But still have to give him another contract, and so he's gonna get evaluated in the role he was signed for. And given the way he played at the end of the season, he's just not going to start off in the A. Now, if he falls flat the few months, I'm not saying its impossible for him to end up in NY, but he won't start there.

Re: Connolly, he's already had a year audition in Tampa. You know where he is with respect to NHL competition. Is he out of place? No. Does he impact the game consistently? Not yet.
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