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If you're looking for a pattern, Murray/Yzerman takes a player slated to go about 5-7 slots behind where they take him in the first, per all the prognosticators.

They also fancy pure skill, which is obvious now, plus guys they think will develop into something they may not be close to now.

Right now, my guess is Pouliot (assuming Rielly is gone).

What stops me though is, as Pete kind of mentioned, the risk factor. They said last week that when taking Vladdy, their thought was even if Vladdy never turned out to be a scorer, he'd be a fine defensive player.

They have two firsts, though, so they can take a risk with one of them.

If they play it safe and Reinhart is still available, I can definitely see that then go with someone like Koekkek at 19. Scouts love Reinhart, though, especially Edmonton, so I think he's gone by 10 anyway. I could see Ceci being a safer pick than Pouliot, too. Finn at 19 is sticking in my head for some, conservative reason. If they want to swing for the fences, they'll take Jankowski there. Someone will Blake Wheeler him.

If Dansk is coming over, I'd feel better about taking him at 19. I don't like GT in the first round. Development probability is too low.

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