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Originally Posted by pete View Post
My philosophy, for this draft, is that there's quality d-men all the way down in the 3rd round. So, if there's a goaltender you believe will be an NHLer sitting at 19 (hell, if there's one sitting there at 10), given the scarcity of them, pull the trigger. If that's Vasilievski, if that's Dansk, pull the trigger. Get our Schneider/Bernier now.

I'm of the mind, right now, that if all the picks are kept I'm taking the best d-man available at 10, and Vasilievski or Dansk at 19, and then I'm thinking about packaging my high 2nds to move back up into the late 1st round and take yet another d-man. A great draft, for me, would be getting out of the first with Reinhart/Trouba/Ceci, Vasilievski/Dansk, and then stealing a guy like Dalton Thrower or Jordan Schmaltz later in the 1st.

Have you ever seen this many good right d-men in one place in your entire life? I sure haven't.
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