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  1. Sotnos
    12-14-2009 06:31 PM
    New book on my Amazon list: Between the Lines: Not-So-Tall Tales From Ray "Scampy" Scapinello's Four Decades in the NHL by Ray Scapinello
  2. Sotnos
    10-05-2009 12:21 PM
    Hate to quote HF, but this is a great post re: Balsillie in response to someone crying about how Bettman is holding down "deserving" markets because he's anti-Canadian.

    Ohhhhh bull. Climb down off the damn cross.

    Bettman isn't going to allow some self-righteous jerk, hiding behind the Canadian flag to garner support, to bully the NHL into giving him a team, whether he wants to move it to Hamilton or Kansas or Reykjavik. Stop acting like this is some anti-Canadian conspiracy. If you really thought Bettman was anti-Canadian, you wouldn't waste your time watching his league.
  3. Sotnos
    07-14-2009 11:47 AM
    Check out my Amazon list of my favorite hockey books!

    recently added: Open Ice by Jack Falla
  4. Sotnos
    01-29-2009 12:45 PM
    Can't take credit for this & it's too long to be a sig file, but it's a great quote & I had to put it somewhere.

    We have specialty grocery stores which exist to improve you. They're called "Whole Foods Market." You can find high quality, nutritious food there, but a head of green leaf lettuce costs $2.20.

    Down the street we have a supermarket called Safeway. You can find high quality, nutritious food there (if you apply yourself), and a head of green leaf lettuce costs $1.49. You can also find lots of cereals that are mostly sugar with some starch to hold it together, beverages that are mainly toxic chemicals with food coloring added, and a junk food aisle that is to die for ... um, I mean, that is very, very bad for you.

    Public libraries are Safeways. Public librarians spend a lot of time doing pull-out displays of broccoli and steel-cut oatmeal. But when the customers bring the pork rinds and Little Debbies to the checkout counter we bag 'em up with a smile. And if they take home some apples with their Twinkies we call that a good day.

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