Site Configuration Progress

Today... I think I've managed to finalize the user roles and permissions for the BP community. I also got the hourly cron job installed so that Drupal time-based events and triggers will be executed. Finally, I got the site locked down against non-friendly web crawlers per Nic Ivy's recommendations from

Next up to the plate are:

  • Getting a handle on the taxonomy of the site
  • Getting the forums up and running
  • Testing the user permissions using some fictious role-based users
  • Installation/configuration of the following plug-in modules: Attached Node, bookmarks, captcha, CSV-filter, Feedback, Glossary, Image, Image Filter, Image Assist, Notify, Print Friendly Pages, Quote, Title, Urlfilter, userposts
  • Complete configuration of the Automember module
  • Create a PayPal account for the site

Long term roadmap includes:

  • Install/configure some common language translation modules to better server international vistors
  • Install/configure Spam module
  • Install/configure Side Content module
  • Install/configure PayPal tip jar module
  • Automatic news aggregation/publishing from RSS feeds of various prospect/TBL sites of related interest
  • Research the Flexinode module to see if it makes sense to create a special content type for prospect profiles
  • Getting the E-Commerce module installed/configured and the site store up and running