Scrimmage Day 2 Observations

Lack of eyewitness accounts from yesterday drove me over there. Decent crowd showed. I doubt as many as yesterday. The prospect camp featured much more physical play and was more enjoyable to watch. From what I saw, nobody should have suffered more than a scratch. Playoff intensity it was not. Fast paced it was, particularly the Red/White game. I got to see some prospects I've never seen before and I enjoyed that aspect of the trip. I'll do this by team. Red: Tarnasky - He played as physical as anyone today. He hanging in there in his quest to make the big club. Milley - I'm not sure what puts him ahead of some of the others for this spot. I would think we would look for some toughness here, especially if this is the spot that will split time with Delmore. I didn't see his goal, the assist was on an empty netter. Lascek - DNP Kvapil - Made a couple of nice plays today with good positional play. Early on Vinny P. tried to impressed the kiddies with a spin-o-rama drop pass to Vinny L. who was streaking in with a D'man. Marek was standing in the passing lane. He quickly hit stride before anyone on the white to get turned. He took it in deep on Ramo and jammed it on the glove side. He had another nice takeaway later on. Perrin - He's still the quick pesky guy we saw 3 years ago. Mihalik - Most improved player player since the tryout camp and I liked him there. That Coach in Prince George must be shooting him with a dose of confidence twice a day. Very assertive and involved offensively. Called loudly for a pass back from his partner about to be trapped on the forecheck and quickly moved it down ice, called for it on the point and took a quick wrister on net, took a puck in the neutral zone all the way down low behind the net. Hadn't seen that kinda play out of him. Denis - Knows where he stands isn't going change. No playoff intensity here. Hrdel teed it up down low with know one around and smoked him up high. That shot was a score 9 out of 10. Lawrence was close in and the pucked bounced about 3 times on various body parts before going in. Vinnie was crossing out from from close in. I like that he's very loud and vocal and keeps his teammates oriented. Blue - Alexeev - He looks like a little guy when he skates. bent over with a very fast stride turnover. When you account for the length of his stride, he's movin. Never once saw him glide like he used to. He was always moving to get somewhere. That spot is 100% his to loose and if he keeps his feet moving, he won't. Karlsson - Didn't notice anything special. Probably just a solid 3rd liner. Henrich - He looks big. He played okay today. He was noticeable and involved out there. Didn't see his goal. Blatny - I can see why he was a high pick. There's something there, he's one of those who has a look in his eye when he's on the offensive end. It would be nice if he would fully develop here. Reid & Ranger - Not sure either played. Wasn't looking for Ranger, but he'd have been noticeable if he were out there. Ramo - Honestly, I could live with him being #2 this year. Sound positionally. He did a good job on Kvapil's breakaway. He didn't give him anything outside and Marek had to come in and muscle it by. Black: Affy - Good fit with Brad & Marty. I think it will work just fine. Fritz - I was expecting big. All I got was tall. He would be an animal with 20 - 25 lbs of muscle he could afford to put. Nobody tried to move him out in front of the net and he took advantage of it. Jones - Didn't have his best game, but he competes. I think Pete's projected line of he, Kvapil, & Blatny could be #1 by the 2nd half of Springfields season. Bartanus - He shows good offensive ability. Just how far in the dod house his lack of conditioning has got him remains to be seen. Lawrence - Looked better today than he did any day at tryout camp. Very active. Showed a nose for the net. O'Brien - Looks like he's gotten bigger. Moves well out there. Does a solid job holding the puck in the offensive zone. Janik - Good at pinning people along the boards. Really tied things up a few times. Holmqvist - It bothers me that he drops to his knees before the shot is let go. They were aiming high on him already. Other than that he looked solid. White: Feds - DNP Healey - Took Feds spot. Didn't do anything with that opportunity. Hrdel - This guy, despite his lack of numbers always shows me some offense. Elliot tied up the break out on the left boards and Zbynek circled back in on the right wing. Elliott got it free and threw it across, Hrdel got it on his tape, teed it and blasted by Denis from down low. Another time he stole the puck off his own forecheck and had a nice opportunity which he slightly missed on and hit Denis in the thigh. I'm a propnent of him being a 1st line guy in Johnstown versus 3rd line in Springy. I think he could be a diamond in the rough offensively. Elliott - Another guy I thought would look big. He didn't. Played a nice game. Showed a good snap shot in warm-ups. I missed his goal, but he did a great job on Hrdel's job and did a nice little give and go down ice with I think Lawrence who got stopped on a nice play by Ramo. I'd like to see how he does as a D'man. He could be a nice utility guy being able to play both ways. Smolenak - Looked big at tryout camp. He was about the smallest guy on this squad. He didn't do anything to catch my eye today. Delmore - Holy sh@! he can fly. That's about it for today. Took one pick deep in his own zone and out skated everybody deep into the other zone. Forgot that his own team couldn't catch him either. Should have tried IMO to cut in towards the net and make something happen. Turned into a nothing play. Got his partner off the ice maybe. Smaby - Quiet, effective game I think. Rosehill - Like Tarnasky, a little more aggressive than others. Boutin - Very solid positionally. Very quiet. Gets in position and moves very little, just letting the puck bounce off of him. Doesn't use the glove hand much to try to secure the puck. Coleman - Didn't play for this team today. Positionally, he's big and gets good angles. Still lacks the experience to anticipate and is very reactive, showing good athleticism. By the time he reacts to shots and drops to the ice, the puck would be by many goalies without his superior quickness. He really fights the puck because of it. I'd make him #1 at Johnstown and give him enough games and rubber to see if he can develop that anticipation. You can't quite write him off yet. And, I would keep him over Beech.