new goalies

Ok now we have Norrena. does that mean that Burke goes to SF to teach the younger goalies? I think he does, jay offers him a buyout and he goeas to work as a coach to work with Coleman and Boutin. That means we have one more spot open for a goalie. How close is jay to signing Ramo? Is Ramo the real deal? Only time will tell, but it should be an interesting summer. Plus that means we can wheel and deal for a couple of d-men without trading away any of the top 6- I think.

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Re: Ramo

As of yesterday Ramo and the Lightning were very far apart on dollars in contract negotiations. If I had to interpret what we were told, the Lightning aren't confident at all they can sign Jones and Ramo this summer. There will be a veteran goaltender playing in Springfield and only one prospect with the Falcons at the start of the year if Feaster gets his way. Going with two young guys is a disaster waiting to happen (again) and he knows it.

Re: Ramo Signing

The IIHF signing deadline is on June 1st (tomorrow) and appears to have motivated some hot and heavy eleventh hour negotiation in Ramo's situation. I'm pretty shocked he came in after what we were told yesterday.

yeah they must have really

yeah they must have really worked thru the "night" so to speak to get the deal done. If the bolts take helenius in the draft how fast will they trade holmqvist and/or another goalie for d-men depth? I do not see them keeping so many goalies, and I really think Burke is headed for SF or a buyout if we cannot trade him. if helenius is gone, which would make senseto me, by the time the bolts draft who do you think are the 5-6 most likely to be on the board who will be drafted by the bolts? i agreed with your comment about jay needing to move up or down and that 15th may be the worst place to be during this draft- at least from what I have read. By the way I really like what you-all are doing in this website- thanks much.

Re: Trades

As a general rule, you don't trade a guy right after you've signed him, so I wouldn't expect Holmqvist, Ramo or Norrena to be going anywhere. Erlendsson probably has it right: Coleman or Boutin are the more likely to be moved now. This draft is a craps shoot. There are some people who think Helenius won't be taken until the late 1st round or even 2nd round. Ditto Bernier. A lot, to me, depends on what happens in front of the Lightning. If one of those really choice prospects like Little or Sanguinetti or Tlusty were to fall, I would hope they would do what it takes to snap them up including perhaps moving up a couple of picks. If they don't slip, then the Lightning are going to have to decide if they want to take a safter pick like Berglund? Maybe take a real chance on an Andrei Markov type d-man like Vishnevsky? Or they could reach and take a guy like Maxwell who tested through the roof at the CHL Top Prospects game. Personally, I wouldn't want to be the scout recommending us taking the first goaltender in this draft. This goalie pool is considered weak, and the whole thing wreaks a bit of '96 when the Pens took Hillier as the first goalie off the board and he only played 47 career games in the AHL. I'm not at all saying Helenius or Bernier will fall on their face like that, but it's easy to overvalue when you're looking at the first guy off the board at a given position like this. To me, our two biggest needs organizationally are beefing up our stock of potential top six forwards some more and finding an offensive defenseman to potentially step up when and if Boyle leaves via free agency. Now that Ramo is signed and you still have your wild card in Koshechkin, goaltender is less of a priority to me. Of course, the Lightning haven't really done what I expected them to do since the 2003 draft with their top pick, so who knows?


thanks Pete, I understand that you do not normally trade someone you have just signed, and appreciate your thoughts on them trading Coleman or Boutin. From what I have read i hate to see them trade Boutin. Like you I think our priority in this draft is either a sniper type forward or an ofensive d-man, for me the offensive D-man takes priority, but honestly, you have to take the best player available and go from there. whatever happens it will be interesting to debate. By the way there was an article in yahoo sports that the Sabres may have problems gettting their guys signed because they have so many UFA's and 3 FA's Mckee and Tepinum among the FA's, sort of like our problem after we won the cup. that should be interesting- maybe we can pick up Mckee?

Re: McKee

If the Lightning end up having to replace Kubina, McKee could be a place they look although McKee in no way would replace Pavel's offense. On their budget, however, I'm not sure they can afford a replacement who is a proven 30 point plus guy like Pavel.


Do you think the Bolts will sign Kubina, after waiting to see what offers he gets? I have a feeling that jay will wait to see what the market is doing before he makes an offer. Waiting for the market could of course make for a tough dituation.

Re: Kubina

That will only work if Kubina only gets mild interest. I have a feeling he will be one of the more coveted commodities on this free agent market. I would be surprised if the Rangers didn't take a serious run at him.


Interesting, Watching Kuby all year I thought he was outskated a bunch and just disappeared in some games. He did not begin to impress me again until later in the season. It will be interesting to see what happens.


I have not heard or read naything about Jay trying to sign Kubina yet, is there anything going on? Plus is anything going on with our RFA's? Is silence good or bad right now?


The draft is in six days. It'll be here before you know it. Right now the Lightning's priorities are probably on getting the scouts together and hammering out their board and what their strategy will be on Saturday. There will be plenty of time to address the RFA's afterwards. As for Kubina, I think he's gone. He will likely command $2.5-3M per on the open market on a multi-year deal and the Lightning can't afford that, nor does that make much sense IMO to pay that kind of money to a defenseman whose skating puts him at such a disadvantage in the new NHL.


Thanks for the info Pete. it should be interesting to see what kind of offers Kuby gets. Well lets have fun guessing who the Bolts will pick or what they will do with their pick. Tom


As of today 7/2/06 I think we are a better team. With Sydor gone we sign our RFA's and have an additional pick for trade purposes, plus our D should better with the addition of Kuba, plus we open up spots for smaby, egener or rogers. my biggest concern is the PP and our offense. We lost 30 goals and a very excellent defensive power forward and we need to make that up. Pete is right that the triplets have to pick up the slack, but are we going to add another forward or bring someone up? The camp should be very interesting.


What are the chances that we trade Burke during training camp? it looks like Jay will not try to buy him out, because he could have done that over the last few days and has not. Does Burke have trade value? maybe minimal, but it should increase as goalies get injured, so it looks like hold him until training camp and see how Holmqvist looks as a back=up and then either trade him or send him to SP, or see who might be in the market for a back-up like Burke at that time, unless of course Holmqvist bombs out and then we keep him as a decent back-up.

Sean has No Trade Clause

Love to trade the guy and his salary the sticking point is the No trade Contract he signed last year.


Yeah thanks goldenbolt, I forgot about that- i wonder what it wold cost to buy that out?? but of course that would also count against the cap. Arrgh, well at least jay did not sign richardson to a 2 year deal. I wonder, if Burke does not best Holmqvist for the back-up spot could we send him to SP, and when he goes thru waivers could another team pick him up or would he automatically go to SP because of the no trade clause?? I also wonder if they have injury buy-outs of contracts??


From reading the comments about Ramo at the current prospect camp it appears that he is for real. Does he get to go to Traverse City? and if so, if his play continues to be stellar does he go to SF? I know we have all talked about him going there but seeing is believing. How sweet is it to have a true potential number 1 goalie in the minors.

Yes and Yes

He'll go to Traverse City. He made one appearance there a couple of years ago and stole the show beating St. Louis' kids right off the plane from Finland playing on the smaller rink for the very first time. As I recall, they said they're going to bring Helenius over for TC, so he'll be the #2 goalie. They'll carry Beech as the #3 I'm sure. Just guessing Disher might be #4 if the Chiefs are going to keep him around. As far as Springfield goes, I'd be shocked if they didn't make him the 1A there. I think they have the expectation he'll do for Springfield as a rookie what Toivonen did for the P-Bruins as a rookie. And I think he's very capable of that. Needs to lose that belly fat though.


How funny about the belly fat- well lets hope they work him hard and Reese gets him into shape, and perfecting his technique. I wonder if there is a way to watch highlights from SF via computer??? It would be fun to watch this kid.

B2 Network

You can watch the games live on the B2 Network on the internet for $6. I watched about a dozen games between the Falcons and Chiefs last season that way. If we ever get blog ads up on this site, it will be partially to defray those currently out of pocket costs.


thanks for the info Pete. Now if verizon fios would get center ice i will be very happy, although the wife might not be. Verizon fios did just add the NFL network so I am keeping my fingers crossed for access to center ice and OLN.


Do you really think DiMaio gets third line time this year? While I love his work ethic, he seems to be more suited to 4th line and penalty killer time. Also, didn't he have a shoulder injury last year? do we know how he has healed etc? Plus, as I have posted before, I seriously doubt that Affy stays on Brad and marty's line past 1/3rd of the season, and unless this is Torts way of keeping pressure off Craig, I think Craig gets moved up if he avoids the sophomore slump. furthermore, Affy has not shown that he can score more than a handful of goals per season, while Craig has shown he can score.

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