Modin vs. Denis

I've been a member of this site for a few weeks now, and I see that most people don't agree with my views. Somehow, I can live with that. People disagreeing with me, and telling me so tells me that my ideas are worth something. Because of this, I'll post my feelings about the trade for Marc Denis. Everyone has been saying that we needed a new goalie. Fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I disagreed. I admit 2005-06 was a pretty bad year for us (goaltender wise), but I dont think trading Fredrik Modin was a good idea. You all probably disagree with me. You probably think that goaltending was what needed to be fixed. Okay, some nights the goalies could have stayed home and we would have done better. I just dont think giving up a top six foward was a good move. Okay, I take that last part back. Trading a star foward is okay if you're getting a bona fide number one who can steal games for you. It's alright to trade a player your team needs for something the team appears to need more. I could understand trading one of the top six for a genuine starter such as Giguere, or Brodeur, or Kiprusoff or maybe even Luongo or DiPietro or Fluery. (I know none of those goalies we could have even in our dreams.) I could understand trading for a guy with playoff experience, with a winning over all record, a great save percentage and an amazing goals against average. I know Denis has been playing for Columbus. CBJ is 28th in the 30 team league when it comes to shots allowed. But still, a goalie worth trading a cornerstone of the franchise for would be able to win games no matter how many shots he faced. What happened to the good old days when a goalie faced 73 shots and still managed to win the game (the goalie I'm referring to, I dont recall his name only let in 3 goals in this game). The goalie is supposed to be the last line of defense, he should be able to steal games when needed. Denis is not what I consider a fair trade for Fredrik Modin. A top six winger was traded for an extendable goalie who has failed to lead his team into the playoffs. We traded a guy who provided steady offense for a goalie who we havent even seen win 30 games a year. Modin's a foward who can change a game by himself; Denis, supposedly has a good glove hand. Without Freddy, who is supposed to take his spot playing with Brad and Marty? Affy played well when forced into the position for a little while, but I dont know if he can produce the same way Freddy could. We lost this trade. Good luck to Freddy in Columbus. I know I will miss him terribly...

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Oh Come On!

Would you have preferred to lose Martin St. Louis? The cap contraints are what they are. To get a goaltender and eventually Kubina's replacement, someone with a decent sized salary had to be moved. Would you rather St. Louis go out the door? Lecavalier? Maybe we shouldn't have re-signed Richards? Nobody wanted to have to move Fredrik Modin, but for the greater good sacrifices have to be made. The Lightning got a very servicable very affordable goaltender today and cleared out around a million of desperately needed cap room. That's a decision that had to be made for the good of the team irrespective of emotional attachment. Modin would've been gone after next season anyway. He'd have been able to command a salary as a UFA that this team would not have been able to pay given cap constraints. And may I just say, is there any player you're not going to throw a fit over when they leave? Is it your expectation that somehow Jay Feaster should magically freeze the roster irrespective of team needs and cap considerations? Don't get rid of Grahame. Don't get rid of Burke. Don't get rid of Modin. I suspect you're going to put another blog up on my site when Kubina goes complaining that Jay didn't give him $3-4M. The NHL is about player movement. Even Wayne Gretzky was traded twice. And in this era, economically motivated player movement is a requirement. Learn to deal with it in a mature, logical fashion rather than kneejerking to the conclusion that all change is bad and that somehow the player is being shafted.


I'm sorry you don't agree with my opinions...I'll cancel my account on your webpage if my thoughts offend you so much. Just tell me how

Not Offended

I just think you need to understand that the cap does not allow a team to keep anything but their most core players together. That's what Jay is doing: St. Louis, Lecavalier and Richards got long term deals. Hopefully we'll be able to get Boyle to another extention in two years. The rest of the pieces will have to be interchangable. We will lose good players who people have atachment to in the process. I have watched two of my favorite players, Stillman and Modin, have to go because of the cap. I don't like it but I understand it's a reality of the business under the new CBA.

I do understand

I do understand that the cap prevents a team from keeping everyone. What I said about John Grahame was in response to the media and other fans complaining about him. As for Sean Burke, it just ticks me off that contracts seem to mean nothing. And the Freddies for Denis deal, I guess I did just let emotions take control... I do understand the cap...that doesnt mean I like it, but I used to hate it. Reading about the demise of the Winnipeg Jets showed me that the cap is necessary... I guess I just dont like it....


The unfortunate fact is that without the cap the small market teams would have a horrible time keeping their core players because the big market teams would simply buy them out. The cap simply levels the playing field and gives every team a chance to win the cup. I too am sorry to see Modin leave and will miss him, but we need a good goalie that we can afford until our prospects are ready for the big time. Your opinions are important and you are entitled to them that is what the 4th of July is all about.

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