Augusta to be New ECHL Affiliate

Damian Crisdotero reports the Tampa Bay Lightning have announced that the Augusta Lynx will serve as the team's ECHL affiliate next season, entering into a one year contractual agreement today. The Lightning organization will provide the Lynx with players under NHL and AHL contracts. Tampa Bay will also play a role in selecting the coaching staff. The Lightning's previous ECHL affiliation contract with the Mississippi Sea Wolves expired earlier this season, and the Sea Wolves had already resigned head coach Steffon Walby to an extension.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome the Augusta Lynx to the Lightning organization,” Lightning VP of Hockey Operations Brian Lawton said. “The Lynx and their management team are committed to success and it shows by them making the playoffs in six of their 10 seasons in operation. We feel that due to the organization’s desire to win, and because of its proximity to Tampa and our AHL affiliate in Norfolk, there really is not a better option for us in the ECHL. We look forward to our prospects playing an important role in bringing the Kelly Cup to Augusta.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Lightning organization, and we look forward to working together in order to win championships,” Augusta GM Dan Troutman said. “With the aggressive moves their new ownership have pursued since purchasing the team, we feel Tampa Bay’s commitment and passion to winning is a great asset to our club. Our goal as a club is to bring the Kelly Cup to Augusta, and an affiliation with an organization with as much success as the Lightning have had brings us closer to that goal. We look forward to helping young players refine their skills on their road to the NHL.”

The Lynx play in the James Brown Arena. How cool is that?

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Trust me the Lynx fans are thrilled to be associated with such a quality organization. I have a question?

Can you take a guess at what prospects the Lynx may receive from the Big club?

I understand its early and I wont hold you to it. Thanks

Rumored Signing

There's a rumor going around the Lightning have signed Mike McKenna, so McKenna or Riku Helenius would presumably be Augusta's goaltender to start the year.

There's quite a bit of depth on defense in Norfolk, so someone's going to get pushed down. Quick, Rosehill, or Daryl Boyle could get pushed down. Justin Fletcher was qualified and still hasn't been signed. I suppose he could get pushed down too.

Maybe one or two forwards.


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