Day 5 Prospect Camp

White Wins series with a 2 - 0 victory over the Black The puppies were tired today and the goaltenders were at their best in a sloppily played game. 0 - 0 at the intermission and then: 1. White: Hrdel (Lascek, Collins) collins down low slips it to Lascek quickly to Hrdel who smacks it by Pearce from the lefthand side of the low slot. Wasn't exactly soft,nice shot, but any of the other three goalies might have had that today. 2. White: Hrdel (Oullette, Czuy) Czuy made the play by dishing the puck of as Rogers tied to take him out along the center boards. Czuy took Rogers out instead slipping it to Oullette who skated past the two and creted a 2-on-1 with Hrdel. Oullette drew the defender, slid the puck to Hrdel who smoked it from near the same spot as his first one. Also against Pearce. No Bartanus, no Greco, no Deck. Rosehill who I decided to give another chance and watch him closely today, went out with an injury on his first shift. Rosehill tried to lay a hit on Oullette in front of the bench area. He lunged awkwardly and just grazed Oullette and went down. He got up and went straight through the bench to the locker room and did not return. Mihalik played only 3 to 4 shifts, then disappeared for the rest of the game. I have no idea. Deck didn't dress so the White played virtually the entire game with only Smaby, Lundin, Barthell and Grover down low. Smaby got to play the horse and did well. Mihalik, Bartanus and Greco all were out after the game and participated in the conditioning skates. That appeared to be a reminder of what happens after a hard day's work at Camp Torturella. Not alot to share outside the goalies. A lot of shots got through and they were stellar. Ramo in particular. Jones & Keller came in 2 on 1 with a pretty cross ice feed followed by a hard ahot along the ice. Kari dove left and gloved it on the ice. He stoned Wheat twice almost back to back, once in tight and another on a sharp wrister to finish a breakaway. Ramo had many other nice saves, no bad rebounds, and handled the stick well. Beech had his absolute best game and it was all positioning. He had no spectaculr saves because he he was always positioned correctly. Nice game for Kevin. Disher put up only his 1st or 2nd goose egg all week. Probably tested less than the others, but positionally sound as well. Pearce despite being scored upon twice, had 2 or 3 of his best saves this week. Only big hit registered by Egener. Only scrum was Egener & Czuy early. they dropped'em and grabbed each other's sweaters. Egener pulled Czuy's sweater off and pushed Czuy to the ice. That was about it. Bubnick had the only penalty, a slash. Black put on one of our famed perimeter power plays with the normal empty result. I watched the skating drill til it's purpose had become obvious and I saw Bartanus and Greco skate twice. They had the 2 goals a couple feet in front of the creases with a rope down the middle hooked to each. They brought out 8 guys at a time in line with the dots. Two started in the high cicles and two at the bluelines on each side. They then sprinted 3 laps. Bartanus caught Smolenak the first time. Smolenak caught Bartanus the 2nd time. Bartanus labored the 2nd set like he was the one who had just played a game. I think that Bartanus was out because of a wrist. Greco who I believe had ankle injury didn't show anything. Griffith caught Egener and they both caught Boisclair. Most guys stayed behind when they caught the guy behind them except for Egener who went by Boisclair. Griffith laid off passing both of them. Fuller caught Wheat. That may not be good for Wheat's chances. Big 'ol Gibbons caught Desharnais. Gibbons though is likely one of the 3 fastest out there. Showed speed all week. Physically, you have to get a number to tell him and Lawrence apart. And, finally poor Mihalik went wide around turn 4, got a little loose and Bit the wall fairly hard. Didn't see the puff of smoke, but he may have blown a tire. Once, I put the 4 days play together I'll try to put out a recap on the week. Smolenak showed me a pulse offensively. Got off about 3 nice shots.