Day 4 Prospect Camp Scoring summary

I was watching individual play versus the puck so a couple of goals snuck up on me. Anyway the White once again rebounds from a loss to put a 5 - 1 pasting on the Black. 1. White: Mihalik (either Keller or Wheat) Whichever ever forward it was made a stop along the far wall near the blue line. Mihalik stepped in picked up the loose pick took about two big strides in and from well above the right circle, near the slot area, put a nice wrister high glove side on Pearce. (Not a good evening for Joe) 2. White: Woolger (Fuller, Wheat) Wheat kept the play in, Fuller scooted it to Woolger, wrister from low right circle. 3. White: Jones (Bubnick, ?) Egener crushed Bubnick into the board, but Bubnick got it away just in time to hit Jones point blank in front of Pearce. Scorers goal by Jones. 4. Black: Egener (?, ?) On a nothing play, Egener lifted a soft wrister from the left point which fluttered unscreened by Beech on the glove side. The most soft goal I've seen thus far. But definitely the type of shot that yields it share of softies in the NHL. A few minutes later Egener took almost the identical shot which appeared to have Beech beat stickside this time, but it clanged the post. 5. White: Barthell (Bubnick or Ray primary, Collins possible 2nd) Another sort of nothing play that turned into something. Collins working behind the net got it to the other forward who slid it out to Barthel. Barthel skated to the right point and flipped another ankle high wrister toward the net at the precise moment Dusty was passing the front of Ramo. As big as Ramo is, Dusty has broad shoulders and Kari never saw it as it went low just inside the post. 6. White: Woolger (Czuy, Hrdel)pp. They must have had enough of penalty shots and we actually played 3 power plays w/2 minute running penalty time. This was the only conversion. Hrdel who actually had a nice game tonight moved it from down low out front to Czuy who crossed it from Ramo's right to left to Woolger just below the circle who rocketed a one-timer that I described in the previous post. Really no chance for Kari there either. Although that's one he'll have to learn to anticipate and stop in the clutch in order to be a championship goaltender.