Day 2 observations

My impressions from today. Came a bit late, but this is what I gathered from the roughly 35 minutes of action I saw: Didn't see much of Ramo. But he takes up a lot of the net like Gobolt56 noticed yesterday. Side to side movement looked ok. I wish the errands I was running wouldn't have taken so long because he's one of the guys I really wanted to see. Mihalik did not look bad today as the reports stated yesterday. I thought he did a real good job of eliminating guys along the boards. Made a nice pass late in the scrimmage to set up a chance. Took out one prospect and the ref in one hit along the boards. I liked what I saw today from him today. I think he has some good potential if he can improve his skating. Smaby looked ok. I wasn't real impressed with him as he made some mistakes. Got in to a fight with one of the tryout guys and landed two big punches to end it. Had a nice slap shot. I'd have to see more of him to get a better impression. Mike Egener looked like he had something to prove. He played physical and layed some nice hits. He and his d partner got trapped in the zone on a few occasions though. I thought he looked ok though for the most part. Quick was solid, nothing really impressive...nothing bad. I like his skating and he does look like Boyle in some ways. Blair Jones really caught my eye today. He looked impressive in the offensive zone creating chances almost every shift. His line kept the puck in for a while against Egener's pairing on a few shifts. I noticed him more than I noticed Keller and Lascek. They set up some good chances while I was there, but couldn't where the puck was in Lascek's skates when he had half the net open. I didn't see much from Smolanek today. I would have liked to have seen more from him. I didn't' notice much from the forwards in black that are Lightning prospects. Bosclair looked alright in open ice, but blew some chances. I'm probably not the best guy to be filing a report since I'm probably not as good a talent evaluator as others. Like I said, I only saw 35 minutes so it's hard to file a good report since I missed half the scrimmage. I was only really looking at the top prospects so I wasn't paying much attention to guys like Rosehill or the tryout guys. Just thought I'd get the ball rolling on the 2nd day observations.