Day 1 Prospect Camp Observations Defensemen

I'd agree with the experts, there appears to be a good core that will one day play in the NHL. Having followed this team since the beginning I've seen a lot of young ones. At this age it can be hard to judge this group. There are none with Hamrlik type skills, but who will be Kubina's and Ranger's vs. Bannister's and McBain's? My impressions based on today: Rogers - Looks like Ranger minus the puckhandling. Is playing solid positionally and defensive minded. Seems he could adapt in 5 - 10 NHL games like Ranger did. Does have an injury history and lacks some experience accordingly. I think he'll impress strongly in camp again. (I had no predisposition towards him prior to today by-the-way.) Egener - Looks good, lacks something (perhaps passion). He has yet to learn "Safe is Death". Everything is totally safe. Gets a little fiesty behind the net, otherwise not very physical. I see his upside as a better skating Nolan Pratt. We need those guys too. Mihalik - I'm not comparing him to Kubina, but if this were the old Lightning he'd be up this year and everyone would curse him as a waste like they did the old Kubina. No "Safe is Death" issues here. In fact he'll need to be reeled in a hair. Good skater, agile on his skates somewhat. Not sure if he has hand/eye coordination becauase he lacks hand/feet coordination right now. As an example, Croxton's goal: he went to the back wall to retrieve the puck, stopped, put his stick to the ice, overshot the puck, stubbed the stick into the ice and toppled head first into the board. He got back out, stopped the scoring chance, regained the puck, settled it as everyone cleared the zone, started up ice, passed to his partner too hard and to bouncy, Croxton retrieved it and took it in alone. He made lots of good plays to stop scoring chances around the net. He made lots of bad plays such as getting caught up ice trying to hit people into the side boards while the play passesd him by in addition to some passing woes. I like him alot, but he'll need time. Smaby - His first camp may be a rough one. There'll be a lot for him to take him. He had the broadest shoulders on the ice. He skated well, covered a lot of ice. Tried to make an impression by hitting at evry chance. Really destroyed one of the tryout guys at center ice who had his head down. Didn't notice him much offensively, the positive being he didn't mishandle the puck much. Maybe a mid/late year call-up from springy. I think going from college to the NHL, he'll get spun around to much without a little professional seasoning. Rosehill - I can't give a lot of details, but overall he made a good impression. Played pretty solid. One thing I really liked was he made a good outlook pass and hustled all the way down ice going to the net back door as our system tries to do so often. The pass just missed him but he showed good straight ahead speed getting there. Lundin - Had to look for him to find him. Small compared to most of the others. Didn't make the most of an opportunity IMHO. I'll go back one-to-two more days, so I'll pay closer attention to him. Quick - I got there right as the horn sounded to end warm-ups. It was about about 1 minute into play before I got settled. Didn't bring my reading glasses so I couldn't read the program. The first person that got my attention on the ice had the name "Quick" on his sweater. He may end up being Dan Boyle's future replacement. The scouting report on the program compares him to Phil Housley. It's impossible to tell how he'll develop from a high school senior to a 23/24 year old. He was the top offensive defenseman today. He rushed the puck up the ice straight down the middle into a pocket of defenders and got off a decent backhander that Beech kicked aside. Shortly after Croxton'd goal he was at the top of his circle and saw that Croxton had a little datlight at center ice on the two d'men like we see Marty and Vinny so often. Quick hit him in stride tape-to-tape for a breakaway. (Unlike Marty & Vinny, Croxton has no moves!) Physically not a hitter, but initiates more contact than Boyle. I hope we see him develop fully. Atherton - Bad stick! bad stick! He's as bad with a stick in every way you can be. Other than that he could be a prospect. I'll bet he does not get signed. D'Aversa - I liked him the best of the try-out guys. Other than getting shot into Ramo's gut, he played reasonably well. Was impressive breaking up a 3-on-1. Barthel - Might rate a Johnstown contract. Not physical. Point shot that banked in was a good one. Deck and Grover - Saw 'em, didn't notice 'em.