21 man roster

Repeatedly throughout the series of Town Hall Meetings held over the past two weeks, Lightning GM Jay Feaster was asked about the makeup of his roster. He stated he fully expects to have 3 goalies (Denis, Holmqvist, and Burke) on 1-way contracts come to Training Camp and remain on the roster through pre-season. Said all 7 defensemen on 1-way contracts are expected to be on the Opening Night roster. Offered that he anticipates making no more moves nor signings before camp. Clarified he prefers to have enough cap space to recall 2 players as play/injuries warrant. Mentioned he expects to carry 21 at the NHL level, which translates to only 11 forwards. As usual, emphasized the "meritocracy" and assured that any skater who overwhelmingly earns his shot in the NHL would be rewarded with it. In reply to Pete's Roster(s) Taking Shape blog, it would appear that Nick Tarnasky, as the 5th Centerman, will be among Jay Feaster's reassignments to Springfield. Perhaps his first callup. The opportunity to fill that 2nd line Center position and enhance his offensive prowess could benefit him long-term. The remainder of the Lightning roster is accurate. With Adams on a 1-way AHL contract, does his signing place Egener and Atherton in competition for a 7th Defenseman spot in Springfield, if one exists?