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NHL Game Night: 10-17-19 Lightning at Bruins

Much, much better.

BOS-3 (SO)

Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 3 goals on 37 shots before stoning all four Bruins shooters in the penalty shot session for the SO win.

First Period
9:34 BOS Pastrnak (7), (Bergeron, Krug)(PP)
19:59 TB Point (3), (Gourde, Hedman)

Second Period
7:26 BOS Bergeron (2), (Pastrnak, Marchand)(PP)
10:32 TB Joseph (2), (Killorn, Cernak)

Third Period
15:13 TB Shattenkirk (4), (Stamkos, Point)
16:55 BOS Pastrnak (8), (Marchand, Krug)(PP)


TB- Stamkos

Brayden Point was the game's first star.

The first 40 minutes of tonight's game was just what the doctor ordered, as the Lightning had an overall shot advantage of 28-20. If they had played the same way they played in Montreal tonight, I'm fairly certain they'd have gotten smoked. Tonight was much closer to the kind of possession style the Lightning need to play for sustainable success. They did get outshot by an 11-4 margin in the Third Period, but I'll chalk that up to a lot of PP shots for Boston on their final odd man advantage.

The Lightning now have nine points through seven games, meaning they just need to collect three in the next three games to be on comfortable playoff pace for the first ten games. Tonight's win was big for that effort. It also probably bears mentioning that, as subpar as I think the Lightning have been for a lot of these first seven games, not only are they in good shape for the ten game segment but they've got two pretty stout resume wins against highly touted Toronto and Boston in those teams' barns. So, if they can build on the first 40 minutes in this game and start playing that way consistently, giddy up.

Carter Verhaeghe had 2 penalty minutes, 1 shot, and was 50% on 4 draws in 8:42.

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NHL Game Night: 10-15-19 Lightning at Canadiens

Anemic Lightning piece together a victory in Montreal.


Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 1 goal on 34 shots for the victory. Outshined Carey Price at the other end.

First Period
15:46 MTL Petry (2), (Domi)(PP)
19:53 TB Coburn (1), (Stamkos, Kucherov)

Second Period
1:04 TB Stamkos (4), (Hedman, Kucherov)(PP)
2:01 TB Johnson (2), (Palat, Gourde)

Third Period

Steven Stamkos and Vasilevskiy were the game's first and third stars.

I just can't get stoked about yet another game where the Lightning got outshot by a 3:2 margin. This used to be a volume shooting possession team that had a pretty rabid forecheck. Now they play like an opportunistic counterattacking rush team that leans on the power play. It's not a recipe for long term success. It's just not.

The Lightning have four games to collect five more points to get out of this mediocre opening ten game segment of the year in tact.

Carter Verhaeghe had 1 shot in 9:00.

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NHL Game Day: 10-12-19 Lightning at Senators

Hard work still beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


Curtis McElhinney allowed 3 goals on 33 shots for the loss.

First Period

Second Period
13:44 OTT White (1), (Tkachuk, Ryan)
14:21 TB Palat (3), (Johnson)
19:33 OTT Pageau (1), (Namestnikov)

Third Period
8:56 TB Witkowski (1), (Maroon, Sergachev)
16:57 OTT Namestnikov (1), (Brown, Chabot)
19:38 OTT Namestnikov (2), (Pageau, Zaitsev)

Nice job getting outshot by a 3:2 margin by sad sack Ottawa. I’m old enough to remember the days when Tampa Bay used to be a volume shooting possession team.

Carter Verhaeghe was +1 in 9:25 of ice time.

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NHL Game Night: 10-10-19 Lightning at Maple Leafs

Brayden Point returns as Lightning smoke Leafs.


Andrei Vasilveskiy allowed 3 goals on 28 shots for the victory. The mark of some of the good ones is that they have a rough First Period and then completely shut it down the rest of the way. That happened with Vasiy tonight.

First Period
2:28 TB Point (1), (Stamkos, Kucherov)
4:19 TOR Johnsson (1), (Matthews, Marner)(PP)
7:46 TOR Tavares (1), (Holl, Kapanen)
11:24 TB Kucherov (2), (Hedman, Cirelli)(PP)
12:45 TB Shattenkirk (3), (Johnson)
17:56 TOR Matthews (6), (Muzzin, Nylander)
19:17 TB Stamkos (3), (Cirelli, Point)(PP)

Second Period
10:46 TB Point (2), (Kucherov, Stamkos)

Third Period
3:56 TB Palat (2), (Cirelli, Sergachev)
6:57 TB Kucherov (3), (Stamkos)

Nikita Kucherov, Steven Stamkos, and Brayden Point were the game's three stars.

This is why you don't panic about a bad game without one of your two best players in the lineup. Now it's Toronto's turn to act like the sky is falling. In the meantime, Tampa Bay now has six games to collect seven more points in this opening ten game segment of the campaign.

Carter Verhaeghe was -1 with 1 shot in 11:21. He was also 30% on ten draws.

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