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NHL Game Night: 11-14-19 Rangers at Lightning

Lightning sneaked their swag back through customs from Sweden.


Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 3 goals on 23 shots for the win. Immerse yourself in goal support, big cat.

First Period
2:39 TB Schenn (1), (Kucherov, Point)
5:41 TB Killorn (4), (Kucherov, Stamkos)(PP)
6:20 TB Kucherov (6), (Hedman, Killorn)(PP)
6:42 TB Palat (6), (McDonagh)
14:27 NYR Kreider (5), (Panarin, Lindgren)

Second Period
7:07 TB Stamkos (6), (Hedman, Kucherov)(PP)
10:19 TB Maroon (4), (Shattenkirk, Gourde)
14:17 TB Shattenkirk (5), (Gourde, Paquette)
19:01 TB Killorn (5), (Stamkos, Hedman)(PP)

Third Period
2:22 NYR Chytil (5), (Hajek, Panarin)(SH)
12:24 TB Gourde (5), (Johnson, Sergachev)(PP)
15:28 NYR Chytil (6), (Buchenevich)

Nikita Kucherov, Alex Killorn, and Kevin Shattenkirk were the game's three stars.

Would the momentum from the Lightning's sweep of the two game set in Stockholm carry over once they returned to North American shores? Considering they just took a team's will to live in under seven minutes, I'm gonna give that one a big old thumbs up. The Lightning not only potted nine goals, but they dominated possession and outshot the Rangers 45-23.

With the winning streak, the Lightning have played themselves into excellent shape in this second ten game segment of the year, now needing just four points in the remaining four games to stay on comfortable playoff pace. Were I a betting man, I'd probably wager the Lightning are going to bank some insurance points the way the team is playing now.

Carter Verhaeghe had 1 shot and 1 hit in 11:20.

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NHL Game Night: 10-30-19 Lightning at Devils

Well... I suppose it beats a stick in the eye.

NJ-6 (OT)

Curtis McElhinney allowed 6 goals on 42 shots for the OT win.

First Period
1:10 NJ Palmieri (4), (Simmonds, Hall)(PP)
9:28 TB Palat (4), (Shattenkirk, Point)
17:15 TB Killorn (2), (Shattenkirk, Johnson)(PP)

Second Period
6:05 NJ Bratt (2), (Zacha, Hischier)
11:48 TB Point (4), (Johnson, Sergachev)
12:17 NJ Palmieri (5), (Butcher, Hall)
13:16 NJ Bratt (3), (Greene, Hischier)

Third Period
1:13 NJ Vatanen (3), (Simmonds, Greene)
2:45 TB Cirelli (1), (Rutta, Joseph)
7:45 TB Joseph (3), (Cirelli)
16:03 TB Palat (5), (Point)
19:52 NJ Palmieri (6), (Simmonds, Butcher)

1:16 TB Johnson (4), (Palat, McDonagh)

Ondrej Palat was the game's third star. The early season resurrection he's experience along with the found money that has been Kevin Shattenkirk's play have been clear plusses in an other wise murky early campaign.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say getting outshot 42-23 and needing seven goals to get across the finish line aren't a winning formula. That said, I recognize the team was down two of its top four defensemen and that the team really struggles to adjust whenever Hedman isn't out there. I also recognize that a loss tonight would've put the Lightning behind the eight ball for this ten game segment of the season, so they managed to do what needed to in order to at least keep their head above water through this patch of adversity. It's still a long way from what you want/need, though.

Carter Verhaeghe was -1 with 1 shot in 10:30.

Alexei Volkov was -2 with 1 hit in 12:49 in his NHL debut.

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NHL Game Night: 10-29-19 Lightning at Rangers

Lightning lapsing back into bad habits.


Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 3 goals on 30 shots for the loss.

First Period
15:44 TB Kucherov (4), (Point, Stamkos)

Second Period
9:37 NYR Kakko (2), (Strome, Panarin)

Third Period
12:46 NYR Chytil (1), (Buchenevich)
17:24 NYR Fox (1), (Kreider, Lindgren)
19:14 NYR Strome (3), (unassisted)(EN)

I get that the Lightning were dealing with some injury issues, but they just got outshot by the Rangers 42-30 in a 60 minute hockey game. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, and there’s already been too many occasions in this young season where the Lightning have put a half effort in against lower tier competition and gotten burned. A rebuilding club shouldn’t be able to do what happened tonight against the Lightning if the team was really focused and bearing down. Period.

Carter Verheaghe had 1 shot in 7:45.

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NHL Game Night: 10-19-19 Avalanche at Lightning

Things are never as bad or as good as they seem.


Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 6 goals on 24 shots.

First Period
3:09 COL Jost (2), (Girard, Wilson)
17:35 TB Gourde (1), (McDonagh, Shattenkirk)

Second Period
3:17 COL Jost (3), (Compher, Wilson)
5:48 COL Landeskog (3), (MacKinnon, Rantanen)
6:06 COL Jost (4), (Compher, Wilson)

Third Period
6:30 COL Kadri (3), (Makar)
11:48 TB Hedman (1), (Shattenkirk, Killorn)
14:27 COL Rantanen (5), (unassisted)

This was a weird game where the Lightning nears doubled up their opponent in SOG by a hefty 46-24 margin. They had their possession game going but they were plagued by poor puck management and poor positioning that resulted in odd man rushes. Those things need to be cleaned up, but it wasn't as bad as the score indicates because the team did do a fair number of positive things in the game. This is kind of a stock correction for some wins early in the season where the team probably didn't deserve two points.

Carter Verhaeghe was -2 with 3 shots in 8:51. He was also 89% on 9 draws.

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